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I am so upset about The Daily Post shutting it’s doors. I have been participating in the daily prompt for about a year now and loved it. I met so many awesome people and learned so much. It gave me something to write about when I had writers block.

I was just so shocked when I visited their website and noticed they stopped the daily prompt. I hope they bring it back.

You can still learn some awesome knowledge about blogging. Check out their website for information.



I know this dog has nothing  to do with this post but he really represents how sad I am that daily post is gone.

My blog has 200 total likes

OMG OMG OMG I know that sounds cliché but this is a big moment for me. I still feel like it might be a mistake I had to check and recheck to make sure I was reading it right. If you have liked one of my posts thank you so much for your time. I just hit 100 posts too and I know this would have never happened without the encouragement and friendship I have received from WordPress.Screenshot_2017-08-01-22-33-26

My 100th post

Thank you everyone who helped make this possible and if you are are reading this then that means you as well. I am so excited to see the twists and turns in the future of this blog. It has already brought possitive changes to my life that I did not expect. All the people I have met are so amazing and I am thankful to have met them. I feel so blessed to have found WordPress. I know this is something that will be a part of my life forever. I can’t wait to look back on my blog in 20 years.Snapchat-2092584302


I love WordPress

WordPress is one of the most amazing things that I have found. I have been blogging on and off for years and nothing ever seemed to fit or pan out. I have put a lot of time into Blogger, Weebly and TSU time that wasn’t completely wasted although it felt that way at times. But it was time that I spent learning and that is never a loss. especially with TSU because they just shut down so all the pictures and words I had posted were gone. WordPress is so much more. I feel comfortable with knowing WordPress is not going anywhere and all the time and work I put on here is safe. This is something so real that you can have forever. From the first moment I started my WordPress account I felt a oppertunity to express myself like I have not ever felt before. And my very first friend ( Tony Burgess  https://tonyburgess1969.net/ ) was so nice. I had no idea WordPress was a community as well as a blogging platform.

For free you can make a blog and let your heart be a microphone. I encourage everyone to start a blog and to use WordPress. Don’t give Facebook rights to your work anymore and stop letting blogging platforms hold you back.