I have just been preselected for a free pair of porcelain veneers from

I am missing more than half of my teeth. I have never talked about this on my blog. I am talking about it now because of this new solution I have found. I am so happy and excited to have found this company because they are amazing. They have a page where they select a very small amount of people to get a free pair of porcelain veneers and as you guys already know I work in fast food, so I thought this might be right up my ally and I sent them my story. I did not expect it but I just poured my heart out to them. Brighter Image labs called me today and told me I had been preselected for the free pair. I was in shock lol I must have sounded so awkward on the phone with them. She said it is not a done deal yet but I think my chances are good. And even if I am not selected they offer such an awesome payment plan that it would only take me a few years to save the money for it. It is around 800$ all together for uppers and lowers. Plus they have payments plans of 149$ down and 25$ a month. And the best plus is no dentist appointment required ever like forever.

This is going to happen wahahahah I am like a kid on christmas eve that can’t sleep

I try to hide it and do a pretty good job, But when I am feeling happy and confident I smile big and show my bad teeth. The funny thing is I don’t ever cry about it but when I talk about it, the tears just flow. Everyday I get up, go to work, try not to think about and try to hide it because that is all I can do but I am happy and feel lucky that it is something I can half way hide. I am so lucky that I have not had a tooth infection in a  long time. Any time I think about my bad chompers I just think about how lucky I am. it is still hard sometimes like just the other day a child pointed it out too his mom by saying “MOM LOOK HER TEETH ARE BLACK, DOES SHE HAVE A DISEASE IN HER MOUTH” and he was just a sweet heart and I could not be upset. I just immediately started telling myself how lucky I am.

A few of you might be thinking about why I have not visited a dentist. It is partly because my family has just had bad teeth for generations. But the other part is because I had one night mare dentist appointment. When I was 12 a dentist did not give me enough pain medicine and held me down until the pain made me vomit. And because I was such a tought kid my mom thought I was faking. I got in trouble and I tried to get out of going to the dentist from then on. Even to this day I would rather deal with the pain of an exposed nerve than go to the dentist. But if I get an infection I always have gone to the hospital or dentist. I am only telling you this because I don’t want you think I am just lazy about going to the dentist. I want you to understand it is an irrational fear for me. Although one could argue that if I had kept up with going to the dentist. It would not even matter because my teeth are so bad they would still be in such a poor condition now. I think my family has a calcium or florid deficiency and we just can’t catch a break. We just all had to start taking extra care in brushing out teeth and not eating hard foods.

I think this might be my longest post on my blog lol. You won’t hear me talk about this in a negative light again ( lol even though this is my first and only post about this) I was a negative nancy and I want my blog to be almost always positive. This is just such a life changing event I had to give you the back story.

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I am about to start eating emergency food on a daily basis

I just spent 90$ on an Augason farms 30 day supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated food. I think at least one person is going to call me crazy but at 7 meals a day for three bucks you can’t beat that. I have no ideal what it will taste like but the reviews say it is not to bad. I think it will be a step up from my junk food/fast food diet. And because I don’t have a car I can’t always go grocery shopping so I always hit up this gas station and waste so much money. I am spending 14 a day on food and I just read this article about eating on 20 $ a month. It was a real eye opener at how much over spending I am doing on food. The only problem I have is I hate cooking like really hate like I would rather take a punch to the face than cook for 15 min. I HATE TO COOK SO MUCH that I have gone to extreme lengths to avoid it. But I am 32 and starting to spend more time on my finances like an adult. I knew something needed to change and I was about to order 500 ramen noodle when I saw this bucket. I did about 16 hours research lol like for real I was so interested in this and making sure it was safe and healthy enough. I read about people doing it for a challenge but I am doing it because I am a broke a#* bi$%$ and want to save money. I work in fast food and but I do ok cause I don’t have kids. But when I realized I was spending 30 dollars less than my rent on food I was like omg I have to change something. So to me this is like a gold mine if it does not taste horrible because I do realize the bit downside is that it could taste like bark. And if it does end up being a nightmare then I will just keep what I have not opened for an emergency. It has a 20 year shelf life and in the event of an emergency, we would sure be happy to have this for rations. And for anyone who is still not convinced it is healthy (cough my mom @rhondasummer ) here are some facts and things I will be doing to make sure this can work long-term.

  • FDA approved
  • It has 1,800 calories a day
  • Because of the water needed it will give me 18 extra gallons of water intake in my diet
  • I will be drinking a V8 juice, fiber drink insert and taking a multivitamin everyday
  • I will also have a small tiny piece of chicken or beef at my job to make sure I am getting enough calories and protein
  • made with all natural products ( reviews say customers recognized every ingredient)

I am actually so excited about this working and never having to cook again. I think this is a perfect solution for saving money and eating healthier.

Check out the blog post I read with overall positive reviews about this type food.


 Click here for product details http://amzn.to/2yLg2nA

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