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Smoke Free

I’ve been smoke free for 0 years, 1 month, 21 days, 23 hours

I can not belive I have made it this far. It has not been easy and really has taken a lot to stay stong. I have been so agitated lately and I read all about quitting smoking can make you feel so aggravated. It makes sence like you don’t have the cigarette anymore to lean on or like to help take away the extra stress. So if you are one of my regular blog fans and have been wonder where I have been, well the reason is I did not want to bring any negative nancyness to my blog. After all the negative posts I wrote in dark November I am trying to bring the atmosphere of my blog back to the positive side lol Jedi side.

Dark November

I have really been a negative Nancy this last month. I don’t want that to be what my blog is about. I just wanted to be honest about myself a little. But my blog is going to have some way more positive posts very soon.

Positive posts coming up –

Most negative posts from dark November

I am just so ready to have a positive outlook on life on and be working hard towards a bright future.