My pals

My friend ***

I had to block out his name because he does not want pictures or his name released. This is the first time this has happened because everyone I have put on my blog I check with to make sure it is ok. But I know I don’t even have to ask with this person because the answer is no and that is totally cool. I am still going to tell the world what an awesome friend he has been to me. A person I would always welcome in my house and I know I could trust. So here is to *** for being a great friend.

My pal Tony Burgess

I would like to share a little with you guys about my awesome pal Tony Burgess. He is one of the first people on found on WordPress who also has a personal blog like myself. His blog is funny, smart, thoughtful and very interesting. I always look forward to reading his posts and I now consider him a good internet palio.

Here’s is to you Tony burgess. Cheers to you and your blog.

So be sure to check out my pals blog The Tony Burgess Blog




My Bff baby Ashley

We call her baby Ashley because she is the smallest of the three Ashley’s at my job. It is also why they call me big Ashley. She is so awesome and has overcome so much. We have been best friends for I want to say 7 years but maybe more. We have been through so much together and we have stayed close. This is one person I can say really has a reason to be mad at life dealing her some bad hands but she prevailed and stood tall. Her strength is steel and her wit is even stronger. I want the world to know what a beautiful, strong, confident, dependable, loving, uplifting, glorious, champion of a friend she is.


Plus she always cheers me up when I am down.TimePhoto_20170218_160918.jpg