Playing sims

It is so awesome playing sims on my new computer. I have only played on my phoneon a very small screen and it was fine. But now I am play on a screen that is 5 times the size and it is so aawesome. I can see all my sims faces now and see small details.

This is my sims town


I just got a new computer

I just got a new computer. Well technically it is my bosses old one but it is so amazing and new to me. I have not had a new electronic item in a while and my pc is like 7  years old. So this is like old technology but new to me. This is like the one perk of having old crappy technology for so long is that years later when you do have a chance to upgrade the lowest priced item on the market is like 10 times better than what you already have.

Lol this is the first picture I took on this computer. I look so mad but really I am just check out the cool features and did not mean to take a picture.