My sister got me a John Snow pop figure

My sister got me a John Snow pop figure and I love it. We both love Game of Thrones so much and John Snow is definitely one of my favorite characters. I would never been able to afford something like this and I am so excited to have it. Yay I have a tiny small nerd collection starting.

I am predicting John Snow and The Mother of Dragons will not hook up

I am calling it that John Snow will not get involved with The Mother of Dragons. I just do not see it happening although all my friends think it will happen. lol I have two 5$ bets going on right with so for real a lot is riding on this hahaha I need that 10$

I don’t know what is going to happen but I have watched more hours than I care to admit of Game of Thrones. lol so I know a thing or two about the show and I am just calling it like I see it “never gonna happen”