I have learned forgiveness is a big part of the key to happiness

I know other thing are important to being happy lol such as breathing. But this week I have learned a great lesson on forgiveness and how happy it has made me.

I am sure I will forget this lesson and have to learn it all over again but for this week I kept up. I had several instances were I was belittled and talk down to very harshly and not in a constructive manner. I know everyone has had a person treat them horribly and I am no exception. I just had to pay my dues of getting treated bad but I have not felt this badly from the someones behavior towards me in a long time. So I did something I never have done before, I forgave them. In the past if someone had treated me this badly I would have carried it and felt so bad and worse towards them. The forgiveness has made me so happy I can not even explain.

I had to say it in my head and out loud like 500 times before I barely started to feel it but each time something bad happened it was little easier to forgive. I think of it now like a muscle that needs to be worked out and I am going to work on it everyday. I feel so blessed to have found this tool for happiness and it was right under nose all my life.