one crazy cone

This just got out of control haha. I told my coworker it was for a regular patron and to make a little bigger but she took it to the next level. His face was shocked when I brought it out. I offered to scraped some off in case it was too big hahaa but he declined the offer

My monster looks like it is wearing a lab coat

My friend Sunshine and I both got a Monster and I wanted to do something to be able to tell them apart. I am a sipper and she is a gulper so I had to move fast or mistakes could be made. I grade a napkin and my Monster was transformed into and evil scientist haha

My face after watching tonight so episode of Game of thrones

Holy smokies omg that was a crazy episode. Season seven episode seven of Game of Thrones is ridiculous omg I could just die, ok not really but I always hear dramatic chicks say that hahaha This is getting real fo sho 😂😂😂

I think my face is so funny in this pic. I just snapped one right at the end of the episode and you can see real concern in my face. Hahaha I have to keep telling myself

Why are you getting so upset it’s just a TV show

Funny sugar

At my job we use sugar for the tea. The ingredient part of the sugar is so funny to me because it only has one ingredient. It is like ingredient sugar hahaha. I guess I just have not ever witnessed a nutritional label with only one ingredient. It made me laughTimePhoto_20170809_134249

My sister got a selfie stick

My sister just got the most awesome selfie stick and she has been taking some cool pictures. Sunshine even got in on this action lolTimePhoto_20170809_112813

I think my face looks funny in the first picture. Like clay or like I have dust on it. It is funny how a weird angle can make you look nothing like yourself.TimePhoto_20170809_112635

When I am not ashtamisprime I’m big ashley

Please no one take offence because I’m only called big Ashley cause I am so much taller than the other two Ashley’s at my job. Medium Ashley and baby Ashley are short enough for me to rest my elbows on their heads when I am skating. I kind of understand why people would find this offensive for me because all the girls with big in front of their name are usually lacking in the personal hygiene department. But as you can see from my photos (I hope lol) that is not the first thing that comes to mind.TimePhoto_20170701_194137timephoto_20170807_191036.jpg