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Daily prompt – legend

The word legend to me reminds me of  the legend of big blackie. My dad told me all about how he was a giant sand bass as big as ten men. He comes at night and eats people who litter in the lake. I have heard several different people talk about big blackie over the years, so I know my dad di not make up this legend. I image some adults made up this legend to scare kids lol although I was never scared because I never littered.

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Daily post – inheritance

When I think of inheritance, I think of the awesome traits that I inherited. I am not scared of any bugs and I don’t have any hate towards others. I can take care of myself without one stick of help from anyone. These are the traits I inherited.

Sometimes money isn’t the best thing to inherited but love is always the best.

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Daily prompt – saintly

I think we all have an area of our hearts that is saintly. For a long time I could not belive this was true because I had seen so many treated so bad. I just could not belive such evil people could have any love in their hearts. But maybe the saintly part of their hearts is covered up by years of abuse of mental problems. Because after all I belive the most saintly thing one can do is to care for others and maybe these evil people never once received this love.


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Daily prompt – patina

A patina is a green or brown layer of film that appears on bronze or other metal after being exposed to air for long periods of time. I had to look this word up and did not know it.
I think I have not ever owned anything of a bronze value that would necessitate cleaning a layer of patina. All of the material items I have ever had probably broke way before this chemical reaction could take place.

Learning about patina made me realize that if I do ever own any precious metals, I better make sure to maintain them.

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Daily prompt – tenterhooks

Click here to read Wikipedia’s definition
I almost did not do this daily prompt because I had no idea what a tenterhooks was. In fact I thought it was going to be stupid ways to hook someone in romantically and tenderly (gross).

Reading the definition of what this device does, I started thinking about how I have never even touched the world of making fabrics. haha although reading further (right now ) I see that it was used in the 14th century. So it kind of makes sence that I have never used this device.

Does anyone own any Tenterhooks?

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Daily prompt – age

Daily Prompt-age

What will be the next age. I heard that we are in the age of information after being in the age of technology. But what will be after the age of information.

I think the next age may be, the age of advanced technology. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I always hear quotes saying that when technology outpaces human interaction, it is going to be bad. And I think the people saying this must have had VERY LOUD VOICES, because the age of technology brought the internet and this gave everyone a voice. Some voices may hurt others but the internet leaves a paper trail and those words that hurt are in stone forever.

Whatever the next age brings, I know it will only make our wold a better place. So many times I have been outraged at the pain of others only to be calmed from the actions taken by the masses to help. In my heart I know the next age will bring shame to those hurting others and bring love to everyone.


Daily prompt – zoo

I took a survey from everyone around me today of what comes to mind when you hear the word zoo. All of them said animals or going to see animals. Even the definition means an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals.

I think of going to see animals as a child but I also think of animals suffering. I know most zoo’s have updated structures but I will always check and make sure any zoo I go too does not keep their animals in horrible conditions. I used to not give a s*&% about animals and I called myself a hunter killer. But now I know, caring about animals is the same as opening your heart up to happiness.

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Daily prompt – snippet

Snippets lost

I wanted to keep snippets of everything as a child. As I got older and did not want to follow in the foot steps of Hoarders in my Family, I started throwing away most snippets and trying to clean up all the time. To me a blog is the ultimate answer to keeping snippets. You can keep all snippets forever with a picture on your blog. And unless you have picked a bad blog service or are posting something that hurts others, then your blog is going to be out there forever.

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Daily prompt- one way

The daily prompt is one way and I almost don’t know if I have much to say about this subject. I think life is a one way as we all get older. I have met many people who are one way people (and by one way I mean their way) although I can not deny in the past i have been a one way person. One way is what we create in our head when there are actually many ways. But one way can be the best when that way leads to love.


Daily prompt-bite

I hate bites hate them with a passion. except for one bite from a tiny little fella. Facebones is the little puppers name and sometimes he just loves you so much he has to bite you a little bit. I imagine that the love just becomes too much like a love overload.

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