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A few of my favorite bloggers

I love these people like they are a close friend. It is weird to think of being so close to someone you never met in person. But when you read about them and communicate on a regular basis, you start to really care.

  1. Rhonda – first is one of my very best friends my mom. She always has such interesting blog posts and she is a great mom.  http://zombieismeblog.wordpress.com/
  2. Tony  – was one of my first friends on WordPress. He is awesome. https://tonyburgess1969.net/ 
  3. Christy – such an inspiration. I have had so my ideals on how to make my life better from reading her blog. https://whenwomeninspire.com/
  4. Jim – one of the funniest guys I know http://mnghostt.wordpress.com/
  5. Bethany – so uplifting and a great blog bethanykays.wordpress.com