I worked 12 hours today

I actually wrote this post a few days ago but I was too tiered to post it.

It was rough being on my feet for 12 hours but I pulled through. It was almost 13 hours but when I was about to head into to work I got a call saying I could wait an hour to come in. I was so happy about that. I got to work with baby Ashley and that really helped me stay positive.fitbit_sharing_571574393

My 100th post

Thank you everyone who helped make this possible and if you are are reading this then that means you as well. I am so excited to see the twists and turns in the future of this blog. It has already brought possitive changes to my life that I did not expect. All the people I have met are so amazing and I am thankful to have met them. I feel so blessed to have found WordPress. I know this is something that will be a part of my life forever. I can’t wait to look back on my blog in 20 years.Snapchat-2092584302


A hot day in Texas

We had a crazy hot summer in Texas this year but this is actually not that horrible. We have seen a lot worse. Texas weather, well what can I say, she will knock you down if you are not prepared. Under 100 degrees is always a win in Texas hahahaScreenshot_2017-07-08-17-47-39

Tunes Tuesday: The Offspring- Gone away

I noticed pal Tony Burgess doing a tune Tuesday and I figured I would start doing one as well. I have recently started really getting into The Offspring. I have always liked them but after seeing them live at EDGEFEST I really started liking them again.

My bubbles

Our friendship started with her biting my arm

Her name is Chrystal but we all call her Bubbles. I love this chick with all my heart. She is hilarious and charming. We have been though some tough sh** together. One of the strongest women I know but also has a huge heart. Everybody loves her and she could definitely be voted most popular at my job. New employees nerves are calmed by her and if you are upset she will go out of her way to help you. I know she has had some very difficult times in her past and she still manages to be positive and never scenical. I have worked on this post a long time because I want to get the words right to show justice to this beautiful heart. I am glad to be the one to share with the world what a spectacular lady my pal Bubbles is.FB_IMG_1501641035663FB_IMG_1501641019358FB_IMG_1501641003280