My band

TimePhoto_20170429_002157.jpgThis is my small band lol we are not even a band yet but we are getting together and playing. I have been using rock smith to learn guitar and I freaking love it. It is like the best tool ever to learn how to play guitar. I am building calluses and really working hard. I figured out it will take me 4 hours a day for 13 years to be a master at it.

Drunk driver hit


This last weekend a drunk driver hit my downstairs neighbors apartment. We were very worried we might have to be evacuated but they said the support beams did not budge. After hitting here the driver backed out and proceeded down half a block before hitting a family of four. I was told they only had minor injurys thank god but we all dodged a bullet here.

Sorry for the hearts in the corner. I had been playing around with my camera the night before.

Hey Palios

I have been calling people at my job and all my friends palios. It is like Coolio the rapper plus pal. In other words I am just saying you are my pal and you are cool. Sorry I have not posted in a while I have had a crazy time with moving. All I do now is Chevelle+Fitbit+Rocksmith=my life. I can’t think of anything else so blogging has just become a little dusty for me. But I have put some time into this blog and look forward to working more on it. WordPress is like a dream when it comes to blogging and I am super happy every time I use it.1492673265263-1757772486

I finally moved to my place

It took so long and was so stressful but it is finally done. I worked everyday for like 9 hours on my house plus a 7 hour work shift for the last 4 days. I hate moving so much especially to a smaller apartment. It is so much harder to unpack like playing tetris. It was a rough week but it feels good to be finish with all the hard parts.

I am moving in 13 days

I am so not looking forward this. I thought we were going to have an extra month before we moved. But today I found out it less than 13 days. I won’t lie, I freaked out a bit. I hate moving so much but this move is so awesome cause it is a step up in overall quality. Knowing I am moving to a better place is very motivating but it is still exhausting. I will have a way bigger room so that is awesome.


Lol little bear hates moving too.

My friend Tad died

It feels like just yesterday he gave me a ride home from work. At first when I met him I did not like him because he asked me a lot of questions and I felt like he only wanted to be friends with the other people I worked with. But I soon realized what a wonderful person he was. I am still just shocked and in aww. About a month ago he brought me a Star Wars storm trooper. He was always sending me cool StarWars links. He took caare of my best friend when her tooth was hurting and took her to the dentist. I was so sad tonight until I saw all the comments on facebook and all the pictures of him looking so happy. He really was a person who was loved and that gave me a lot of closure.

I don’t want this blog to be all about sad stuff and I don’t want to be a negative nancy. I just had to tell the world what he was about. I guess I just miss my friend.

Enjoying my day off

I am having an awesome day off. Just chilling and I slept in. It’s nice to relax on my one day off a week lol. I am watching The League and I think I am going to try being on a mock fantasy football league next season. I freaking love this show. I really want to slap Ruxin in the face lol. I am so happy it is my day off it feels like this week has dragged on.


I just got a new computer

I just got a new computer. Well technically it is my bosses old one but it is so amazing and new to me. I have not had a new electronic item in a while and my pc is like 7  years old. So this is like old technology but new to me. This is like the one perk of having old crappy technology for so long is that years later when you do have a chance to upgrade the lowest priced item on the market is like 10 times better than what you already have.

Lol this is the first picture I took on this computer. I look so mad but really I am just check out the cool features and did not mean to take a picture.


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