It’s a hot one

Today was so hot and tomorrow is going be even hotter. I at least feel blessed that I get to be inside some of the time but man the heat is kicking my butt. I try to get about 150 ounces of water a day and I still don’t feel like it is enough.


My sisters phone made this video of me

My sisters new Iphone found all these pictures of me and put this video together. We laughed so hard. The funny thing is all of these pics are over like a ten year span. I love it so much and think it is hilarious.

Welcome to my blog visitors from other countries

Welcome to my blog anyone from another country. And of course welcome anyone from America. I just think it is so cool haveing a blog that is interesting to other cultures. Reading about how others live is very interesting to me and I hope that my blog has something that will appeal to you. Screenshot_2017-06-21-04-21-53