August 19th was my birthday

I had the best time at the lake for my birthday. I went camping for the days and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and for making my birthday so special.

Texas had some crazy ice and snow recently

Hahaha it seems just yesterday we were having 100 degrees farenheit weather like a hot dry death trap. Now we have such cold weather that there is no hot water. I was a little worried being on the ice of my patio to take these pictures but it wasn’t bad at all.

One could argue it is not bad at all compared to the midwest. But in Texas are not used to this kind of beating and it requires double recuperation time lol

Weekly photo challenges – Trasformation

In Texas we have a transformation period that is going on right now. Will it be cold or hot? Super cloudy or super sunny? But in the afternoon sometimes we get blessed with the most beautiful clouds and sunsets.

I have several pictures of these beautiful times during the transformations of the seasons in Texas.


The people who stayed when Harvey said it was time to go

I have watched so many videos of people who are staying in evacuated areas from hurricane Harvey. I feel a lot better knowing that the people who wanted to be safe had the chance to get out but my heart worries for these jokers.

I am in North Texas and I don’t think we will get barely any bad weather here. But if it does get bad enough for an evacuation notice then I will be getting the **** out of dodge.

With hurricane Harvey now being a category 4 I hope that these people will heed the warning of the national weather service and get out of there.

I might be a boring person compared to these thrill seekers but when it comes to danger of my personal safety I say “no thank you not today” lol

I watched the solar eclipse today

Well I did not actually watch it because of the sun damaging effects but II did watch from my patio that is right under the sun. It looked like a post apocalypse and all the shadows looked so cool.


This picture from Nasa is so amazing

beautiful clouds

I post entirely to many posts about the weather haha like what am I , in my golden years, all I have to talk about is the weather hahaha not really but I know I post a lot about the weather. It is just so beautiful sometimes like breathtaking. There are no buildings higher than 2 levels high in a 15 mile radius around me and I think that gives me an advantage to see what Texas rolls in. This night it was really lightening like crazy. Like a spiderweb something I hadn’t really seen but in pictures and videos. But I caught it on video. Lol I think I sound so funny like I am so proud of myself lol


This picture did not turn out so well but I thought it was cool.TimePhoto_20170806_202507.jpg