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TV show review – Dark

Spoiler alert

A TV show based in a German town. The town has a wormhole that can make you travel in time. 33 years into the future or 33 years into the past.

There is just so much going on that I know the second time I watch it will be better than the first.

If you are worried about subtitles then fret not. They use voice overs who really brought some passion to it. Sometimes the words match up so perfectly that you forget it’s a voice over.

It’s really cool getting a look inside German culture. It’s not that different from American culture.

Beautifully complicated

Review-Cherry Coke

I started drinking Cherry coke in the 90’s and loved it ever since. I think maybe I have never loved a drink this much. Diet green tea is a close second when it comes to my favorite drinks but after a hard days word or a long work out I reach for a Cherry coke. And it is only 130 calories per 10 oz serving, It is definitely a treat I can afford when I am clocking in at burning 3500 calories a day with my Fitbit.20180710_005023

A few of my favorite bloggers

I love these people like they are a close friend. It is weird to think of being so close to someone you never met in person. But when you read about them and communicate on a regular basis, you start to really care.

  1. Rhonda – first is one of my very best friends my mom. She always has such interesting blog posts and she is a great mom.
  2. Tony  – was one of my first friends on WordPress. He is awesome. 
  3. Christy – such an inspiration. I have had so my ideals on how to make my life better from reading her blog.
  4. Jim – one of the funniest guys I know
  5. Bethany – so uplifting and a great blog


I am not sure about Ipsy

I started signing up for a new makeup program Ipsy ( sorry any guys who read my blog this is definitely a chick post). And from the very start I was asked to share something just to get my order that month. It just agitated me so bad that I had to work just to receive my product on time. Also they made me share something else to Facebook to see what I am getting. I don’t know about you guys but I love to look at all the details on an item after I have ordered it. I so rarely get to order something online that I get so excited I just want to know every detail. I only spend 10 $ a month on make up and now I have doubled that to 20 $ with adding ipsy. So you can see where I am concerned lol I am definitely worried I made the wrong move.

I will definitely keep you posted on what happens

This lady is amazing

Recently my lil blog was linked to by a post about an amazing author.

I hate romance novels and lol well romance altogether. If you ask my friends, family or blog readers. They will all tell you about how I have no problem with talking about my reasons for loving being single. But the work of this author Rachel is one of the first romance novels I have thought about reading.

I highly suggest you check out the work of Rachel Dacus.

TV show review – Parks and Recreatioin

This is one of my favorite shows and I have binge watched it more than I care to admit ha ha.

Parks and Recreation is about Lesley Knope and her team who work for the parks and rec department. She is amazing and gets unbelievable things done. She is my hero and although I could never take a job in government, I do want to be more like her. She makes me want to be a better person.

This show also has a string of hilarious characters with such great acting. Andy and Ron are two of my favorites and the actors really commit to the roles.

Brighter Image Lab Veneers review

This is a review of Brighter Image Labs Veneers. And even though I was selected for a free makeover and veneers, this review will be 100% unbiased.

I have had horrible problems with my teeth from a very young age. In fact all of my family has really bad teeth but I was just the luckiest to have missing teeth in the front.

I knew I would never be able to afford a dentist lol I had a hard time 50$ on a new phone. I just knew this was it forever.

I could either try to be happy with a broken mouth or be depressed forever.

When I found Brighter Image Lab I researched them like a hawk. It was just to good to be true. After around 20 hours of research I eased up on them a little and shortly after that I was a devoted fan.

When I first put them in they felt kind of different but they looked so good. They do take a little getting used to but they are so worth it.

The best part is the lab direct process that does everything without you having to go to the dentist. And if you are like me and are so scared of going to the dentist this is the perfect option.

I did not even know about this option until I was randomly searching the web. It hurts my heart to think of so many poeple out there that this could help. I won’t ever stop telling people about Brighter Image Labs.

 Click here to check out Brighter Image Labs website

Playing Quiplash with my pals

Quiplash is a game made by Jackbox and it is so fun to play with friends. In my last post about Jackbox, I talked about how we had to bring my brothers system and computer screen into the living room to play. Our tv in the living room is just so old it won’t connect to any system newer than a Playstation 3. So my sister is so awesome and bought Quiplash on Playstation 3 and now we can play in the living room without having to move anything around.

We had such an awesome time playing Quiplash and it was hilarious.


Check out my blog post This is how we have to play Jackbox

Click here to check out Jackbox on Amazon


Thor: Ragnarock review

On Thanksgiving I went and watched Thor: Ragnarock and I loved it. Great story line and great acting.

I liked how it had 80s theme to it. I could tell the retro aspect was very well done. Although it did not really explain the retro aspect, it did tie into the story smoothly.

I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie and could not take my eyes away. The graphics looked so good on the big screen and I look forward to what they have planned next.

It was a longer movie at 2 and 1/2 hours long but I managed to make it the hole movie without taking a break.

I highley recimend it for nerds but it also could be interesting for people who like adventure. If you only like chick flicks and romantic comedy then this one is probably not for you. But if you love fighting, explsions, super powers, crazy villians and a lot of comedy then this one is for you.

Thor Ragnarok on IMDB

I have just been preselected for a free pair of porcelain veneers from

I am missing more than half of my teeth. I have never talked about this on my blog. I am talking about it now because of this new solution I have found. I am so happy and excited to have found this company because they are amazing. They have a page where they select a very small amount of people to get a free pair of porcelain veneers and as you guys already know I work in fast food, so I thought this might be right up my ally and I sent them my story. I did not expect it but I just poured my heart out to them. Brighter Image labs called me today and told me I had been preselected for the free pair. I was in shock lol I must have sounded so awkward on the phone with them. She said it is not a done deal yet but I think my chances are good. And even if I am not selected they offer such an awesome payment plan that it would only take me a few years to save the money for it. It is around 800$ all together for uppers and lowers. Plus they have payments plans of 149$ down and 25$ a month. And the best plus is no dentist appointment required ever like forever.

This is going to happen wahahahah I am like a kid on christmas eve that can’t sleep

I try to hide it and do a pretty good job, But when I am feeling happy and confident I smile big and show my bad teeth. The funny thing is I don’t ever cry about it but when I talk about it, the tears just flow. Everyday I get up, go to work, try not to think about and try to hide it because that is all I can do but I am happy and feel lucky that it is something I can half way hide. I am so lucky that I have not had a tooth infection in a  long time. Any time I think about my bad chompers I just think about how lucky I am. it is still hard sometimes like just the other day a child pointed it out too his mom by saying “MOM LOOK HER TEETH ARE BLACK, DOES SHE HAVE A DISEASE IN HER MOUTH” and he was just a sweet heart and I could not be upset. I just immediately started telling myself how lucky I am.

A few of you might be thinking about why I have not visited a dentist. It is partly because my family has just had bad teeth for generations. But the other part is because I had one night mare dentist appointment. When I was 12 a dentist did not give me enough pain medicine and held me down until the pain made me vomit. And because I was such a tought kid my mom thought I was faking. I got in trouble and I tried to get out of going to the dentist from then on. Even to this day I would rather deal with the pain of an exposed nerve than go to the dentist. But if I get an infection I always have gone to the hospital or dentist. I am only telling you this because I don’t want you think I am just lazy about going to the dentist. I want you to understand it is an irrational fear for me. Although one could argue that if I had kept up with going to the dentist. It would not even matter because my teeth are so bad they would still be in such a poor condition now. I think my family has a calcium or florid deficiency and we just can’t catch a break. We just all had to start taking extra care in brushing out teeth and not eating hard foods.

I think this might be my longest post on my blog lol. You won’t hear me talk about this in a negative light again ( lol even though this is my first and only post about this) I was a negative nancy and I want my blog to be almost always positive. This is just such a life changing event I had to give you the back story.

Check out the Brighter Image Labs website