My new smile

Omg it is so amazing to have my smile back. I am a new person and it feeels so awesome. When Bill first showed me what I looked like with the new teeth in. I just cried and cried lol. I can not wait to see the vlog video they put together with the footage of my makeover.

Bill from Brighter Image Labs

This is a man who is almost unbelievable. He really goes the extra mile to help people. He changed my life and expected nothing in return. He could really see the problems having bad teeth causes in you social and career stature. I am so amazed at how he took the time to come to my job to tell  me about the New smile makeover. Kenna really pushed for me and BIll made it happen. He really took an interest in my case and I am so grateful to him. I am so lucky to have this opportunity. And I am really looking forward to a bright future thanks to Bill from Brighter image lab.

I want to go back to school to be a Graphic Designer

I am so excited about my career choice to be a graphic designer. I have always had an artistic side and I have looked for a career perfect for me. In fact I never even thought I could have a career. For years I believed the best I could do is fast food.

Reasons why this career is perfect for me:

  • I am dyslexic and I think this career will help the smartest parts of my mind flourish
  • I get to go to school online so I won’t have to worry about rides since I do not have a a car
  • This career is for people who are creative and that is something I love
  • I will be able to work online after I graduate and that is a dream to me
  • I will learn skills that I can use on this blog
  • I will get my basics out of the way and can transfer them to any other college
  • This is something I can do being bipolar

I am so excited to have stumbled on this career. I am like a kid at christmas this is so exciting to me. After failing at becoming a medical assistant ten years ago and piling up a mound of debt. I felt so bad for years and just tried to be happy with who I was. But now I am so overjoyed at this second chance to make something of myself.

My brother was handing out full size candy bars on Halloween

Getting a full size candy bar was like the best thing ever when I was a kid. I think that is why my brother wanted to be the coolest Halloween spot and take it to the next level with full size bars. But the weather was so nasty and cold no one stopped by. Poor guy I felt so bad for him. He waited for hours in the cold to try to make sure some kids had an awesome Halloween and it never happened. I wish I had a way to have gotten out the message for full size bars but on the plus side we still have plenty of candy for us to eat.

Happpy Origami day

I just read that today is National origami day. Happy origami day to all lol. The only origami thing I can make is a cootie catcher and I think that technically does not count as origami. So if origami is your thing more power to you and I hope you have a great origami day.

Owls everywhere

Well not real owls but owl style is everywhere. All my friends have key chains, buttons, and other owl paraphernalia. I just keep seeing it all over the place.

This little bugger belongs to Medium Ashley. I like how his right eye is a little crazy lol he has a lazy just like me