Owls everywhere

Well not real owls but owl style is everywhere. All my friends have key chains, buttons, and other owl paraphernalia. I just keep seeing it all over the place.

This little bugger belongs to Medium Ashley. I like how his right eye is a little crazy lol he has a lazy just like me

I am predicting John Snow and The Mother of Dragons will not hook up

I am calling it that John Snow will not get involved with The Mother of Dragons. I just do not see it happening although all my friends think it will happen. lol I have two 5$ bets going on right with so for real a lot is riding on this hahaha I need that 10$

I don’t know what is going to happen but I have watched more hours than I care to admit of Game of Thrones. lol so I know a thing or two about the show and I am just calling it like I see it “never gonna happen”

I love taking pictures from the ground up

I just think it is such a cool way to take a picture. It almost is a disguise because it seems as though I am the one looking in at you like looking in a water well but in reality you are the one looking into my world.TimePhoto_20170725_120906

The failed TSU project

Tsu was a social media platform like Facebook that paid you for original content. I am still a little sour about the way this ended. It hurt lol it hurt bad. I really believed in this company. I always loved blogging and thought this was a great way to share my blogs and be part of an online community ( granted this was before I found WordPress) I still was very upset to see that ship go down. I put hundreds of hours into my Tsu account and making blogs about Tsu. It feels so good now to be a part of WordPress and know I don’t have to worry about anything going anywhere lol unless there is a zombie apocalypse.



Crazy quarter

This crazy quarter got a water burn or water tattoo from being in the sink too long. I saw it in there for a few days but I forgot about it and left for the weekend. I came back in on monday and found the quarter with a stripe across and one up and down. I am not sure how it happened but I had to take a second look.TimePhoto_20170712_134348TimePhoto_20170712_134340