My niece is brilliant

My niece made an awesome present for her uncle (my brother). It is a picture of hime making a really hilarious face. She printed it out and he got it framed. So today I was just randomly talking to my brother and looked over and saw it. I laughed so hard and we keep making jokes about what a heart warming gift it is.

We decided to print this one and take a third photo of him holding this picture hahaahahahaha

one crazy cone

This just got out of control haha. I told my coworker it was for a regular patron and to make a little bigger but she took it to the next level. His face was shocked when I brought it out. I offered to scraped some off in case it was too big hahaa but he declined the offer

My monster looks like it is wearing a lab coat

My friend Sunshine and I both got a Monster and I wanted to do something to be able to tell them apart. I am a sipper and she is a gulper so I had to move fast or mistakes could be made. I grade a napkin and my Monster was transformed into and evil scientist haha

My face after watching tonight so episode of Game of thrones

Holy smokies omg that was a crazy episode. Season seven episode seven of Game of Thrones is ridiculous omg I could just die, ok not really but I always hear dramatic chicks say that hahaha This is getting real fo sho 😂😂😂

I think my face is so funny in this pic. I just snapped one right at the end of the episode and you can see real concern in my face. Hahaha I have to keep telling myself

Why are you getting so upset it’s just a TV show

beautiful clouds

I post entirely to many posts about the weather haha like what am I , in my golden years, all I have to talk about is the weather hahaha not really but I know I post a lot about the weather. It is just so beautiful sometimes like breathtaking. There are no buildings higher than 2 levels high in a 15 mile radius around me and I think that gives me an advantage to see what Texas rolls in. This night it was really lightening like crazy. Like a spiderweb something I hadn’t really seen but in pictures and videos. But I caught it on video. Lol I think I sound so funny like I am so proud of myself lol


This picture did not turn out so well but I thought it was cool.TimePhoto_20170806_202507.jpg

This is how we have to play Jackbox

I love playing Jackbox but our tv in the living room is so old it wont connect to anything except a dvd player and the ps2. haha I know I am so not modern. So my brother bought his screen and console into the livingroom so we could all play.TimePhoto_20170531_195002

My phone takes 42 minutes to charge 10%

lol sometimes it goes a little faster than this but it really does charge slow as a snail. I can’t really be too upset as I only spent 20 dollars on it. And on my birthday on the 19th I am goin to get a 40 dollars wow crazytown hahaha. It still is just a little weird to look down at my phone and see it needs a day to charge.Screenshot_2017-08-05-16-40-25Screenshot_2017-08-06-16-33-54