Daily prompt-bite

I hate bites hate them with a passion. except for one bite from a tiny little fella. Facebones is the little puppers name and sometimes he just loves you so much he has to bite you a little bit. I imagine that the love just becomes too much like a love overload.

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It’s almost always sunny in Texas

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Although we have been getting some crazy clouds and weird weather it is sunny a lot of the time in Texas. Like right now it is pretty sunny outside.


Texas does tend to have unpredictable weather. You think the day will be cold and in an hour it is sweltering. Buy we definitely get our share of sunny days.

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

When I said I was writing a blog post on the word wheel, my sister pointed out the song by Journey Wheel in the sky. We always loved Journey but my sister really loved this song. My favorite always was Don’t stop believing but Wheel in sky is still a great jam.


This first thing that comes to mind is an old feater on cell phones years before smart phones when your phones coolest thing it could do was playing snake. This feater called looped was one of the first gps pnging systems I had seen and I could see where my friends and family were at. This was like so amazing to us and we had a blast pinging each other.

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I don’t want to meddle

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

I don’t want be a meddler. I like to have a goal to never judge anyone. I say “goal” because sometimes it’s hard. But I try to be a person that builds others up. I would mettle if there was a time that called for it. Such as if I saw a girl being hurt then I would meddle on over to the phone and call 911.