3 thoughts on “I started driving for Uber Eats full time”

      1. Hi,
        I see Uber like the worst type of company that could exist.

        No matter if they are “facilitating” a service to consumers, be it food delivery or passanger pickup or cleaning services, they really don’t do that much, and they make a huge profit, that is not really shared between their “employees”, because, well, those persons, according to tehm, are not really an “employee”

        I understand that for some people this “oportunity” can be an improvement in their income, but this only shows that there are lots of jobs out there that are ot paying what they should, and in fact, uber and related companies also do not pay what their “employees” should be earning.

        The most explicit case, I think, is the taxi service they offer, and I mean, they offer, because they impose a lot of rules and restrictions (they are not only facilitating the service as they argument), where in many countries, if you put things in paper, the drivers are loosing a lot of money…

        That’s why I don’t like it… 😦


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