Month: December 2017

Brighter Image Lab Veneers review

This is a review of Brighter Image Labs Veneers. And even though I was selected for a free makeover and veneers, this review will be 100% unbiased.

I have had horrible problems with my teeth from a very young age. In fact all of my family has really bad teeth but I was just the luckiest to have missing teeth in the front.

I knew I would never be able to afford a dentist lol I had a hard time 50$ on a new phone. I just knew this was it forever.

I could either try to be happy with a broken mouth or be depressed forever.

When I found Brighter Image Lab I researched them like a hawk. It was just to good to be true. After around 20 hours of research I eased up on them a little and shortly after that I was a devoted fan.

When I first put them in they felt kind of different but they looked so good. They do take a little getting used to but they are so worth it.

The best part is the lab direct process that does everything without you having to go to the dentist. And if you are like me and are so scared of going to the dentist this is the perfect option.

I did not even know about this option until I was randomly searching the web. It hurts my heart to think of so many poeple out there that this could help. I won’t ever stop telling people about Brighter Image Labs.

 Click here to check out Brighter Image Labs website

My new smile

Omg it is so amazing to have my smile back. I am a new person and it feeels so awesome. When Bill first showed me what I looked like with the new teeth in. I just cried and cried lol. I can not wait to see the vlog video they put together with the footage of my makeover.

The makeover Brighter image labs gave me

This was so exciting for me that Brighter Image lab was giving me a makeover. They cut and died my hair ( the dye wont interfere with me donating my hair) and even though it took almost 10 hours it was so worth the wait and so much fun. Everyone at there was so wonderful and welcoming especially Kenna and Bill.


click Here to see the result of the makeover

Bill from Brighter Image Labs

This is a man who is almost unbelievable. He really goes the extra mile to help people. He changed my life and expected nothing in return. He could really see the problems having bad teeth causes in you social and career stature. I am so amazed at how he took the time to come to my job to tell  me about the New smile makeover. Kenna really pushed for me and BIll made it happen. He really took an interest in my case and I am so grateful to him. I am so lucky to have this opportunity. And I am really looking forward to a bright future thanks to Bill from Brighter image lab.

My hero -kenna

Miss. Kenna

She was the first person I spoke with at Brighter Image Lab and she was so sweet. I think when I found this company I just was so happy I cried on the video and I cried on the phone with her. Kenna was so sweet to me and really worked so hard to help me. She was really on my side and if it were not for here I know this New smile makeover would not have happened. She brough a happiness to my life  that I have not felt in a long.

So everyone please raise your glasses to Miss Kenna who brought so much joy and happiness. She believed I was worth it and now I belive I am worth it too.

Dark November

I have really been a negative Nancy this last month. I don’t want that to be what my blog is about. I just wanted to be honest about myself a little. But my blog is going to have some way more positive posts very soon.

Positive posts coming up –

Most negative posts from dark November

I am just so ready to have a positive outlook on life on and be working hard towards a bright future.


I was selected for a new smile makeover

remember when I told you that I was preselected for a new smile with Brighter Image labs. 

Click here to read my blog post about being preselected.

Well they picked me and omg this is so excited I am going to have my life changed.



Daily prompt – legend

The word legend to me reminds me of  the legend of big blackie. My dad told me all about how he was a giant sand bass as big as ten men. He comes at night and eats people who litter in the lake. I have heard several different people talk about big blackie over the years, so I know my dad di not make up this legend. I image some adults made up this legend to scare kids lol although I was never scared because I never littered.

via Legend

This week started out rocky

If you are one of my blogs fans, then you probably already know a little bit about what has been going on. I quit smoking and it was so hard but I have not had one puff. I also am taking some new medications and they needed time to level out. It has been a hard last few days 

but I am so happpy and proud of myself. I kept going hard and I am finaly seeing the results and omg it feels so amazing.