Crazy quarter

This crazy quarter got a water burn or water tattoo from being in the sink too long. I saw it in there for a few days but I forgot about it and left for the weekend. I came back in on monday and found the quarter with a stripe across and one up and down. I am not sure how it happened but I had to take a second look.TimePhoto_20170712_134348TimePhoto_20170712_134340


My power went out for the 3rd time this month

I understand when the power goes out during bad weather but this time there was not a cloud in site. The last time the power went out was after the sign blew down at my job. There is nothing like a mini black out that affects one half of a corner of a small apartment complex to make you count your blessings hahaha. I always think about people living before electricity and how happy they must have been on there first night using it. I write notes to myself that say “if you are reading this and you have electricity then you are blessed and YOU BETTER FEEL LUCKY RIGHT NOW’ I started doing this as soon as I became old enough to not think it was cool when the power went out. Now it is just boring especially when there is not enough light. Lucky for me my little sister showed up and we had fun with her flashlight.TimePhoto_20170713_012215

This is how I stay cool in the Texas heat

It has been so hot this summer. I am such a cold natured person lol I get cold in 75-f degree weather if there is a breeze. For me to say ‘it has been hot’ is kind of a big deal. Haha not like stop the presses big but something different in my world. I keep joking with my coworkers saying the opposite is true for them. Like if they say it is really cold then you know it is like ridiculous cold because they get hot so easy. Baby Ashley says she feels hot in 60 degree weather. I used to argue my side of getting cold easy was worse but now I don’t know who has it worse. Both extremes can be miscible. So here is to you all those suffering heat abuse I wish a fast return to winter haha



Majestic little bear

Little bear looks so majestic in this picture with my sister. She just looks like she is in deep thought but really I think she is listening for the pitbull that lives next door. He is little bears arch nemesis and according to her is always involved in terrorist activity.


I messed this picture up lol see the Play Station 3 controller in the corner.

I lost power during a crazy storm

It was an entire grid square that lost power for about 8 hours. The crazy part is we lost power like an hour after the storm had ended. It blew a sign down at my job during the bad part but and hour later the power goes out.  I was so happy that at least it was not crazy hot during this blistering summer because the rain had cooled it down. But it was definitely no fun waiting out this power outage.


This one is just funny cause it was just too dark to take a picture.


This is how low key the weather was when we lost power.


A crazy storm blew the sign down at my job

These last few weeks we have had some crazy weather in Texas. But this time it knocked the side of our sign off. It is about six feet wide and I think it is a miracle it did not hit a car. I heard the noise of it falling but I assumed someone opened a car door and the wind pushed it open and made it hit something. The wind did get so crazy for a while. It made the power go out.TimePhoto_20170707_153236.jpgTimePhoto_20170707_153232.jpg

Beautiful clouds

We had a beautiful sunset today. I know I put all of posts on here about the weather and my camera doesn’t do the sky Justice. I just want share something that I thought was breath taking.